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I am currently serving as a technical research personnel at bHaptics for the compulsory military service. I received Master's degree at School of Computing, KAIST (advisor: Prof. Geehyuk Lee). I am currently interested in how the interaction between humans and computers can be more lively and natural by integrating various stimuli and sensors. Mainly, I try to design interfaces utilizing multiple modalities to offer more intuitive controls with higher precision. I often collect behavioral data and provide insights for data-driven interface design or computational interaction.


TouchWheel: Enabling Flick-and-Stop Interaction on the Mouse Wheel

Sunmin Son, Jingun Jung, Auejin Ham, Geehyuk Lee

International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction (impact factor of 4.92)

[PDF](<https://www.dropbox.com/s/u98pi2ngvzd9u32/2023-TouchWheel.pdf>) [DOI](<https://doi.org/10.1080/10447318.2023.2190259>)


Lattice Menu: A Low-Error Gaze-Based Marking Menu Utilizing Target-Assisted Gaze Gestures on a Lattice of Visual Anchors

Taejun Kim, Auejin Ham, Sunggeun Ahn, Geehyuk Lee

ACM CHI 2022 Full Paper (minor revision acceptance rate of 12.5%)



Do We Need a Faster Mouse? Empirical Evaluation of Asynchronicity-Induced Jitter

Auejin Ham, Junsu Lim, Sunjun Kim

ACM UIST 2021 Full Paper (acceptance rate of 25.9%)



Secrets of Gosu: Understanding Physical Combat Skills of Professional Players in First-Person Shooters

Eunji Park, Sangyoon Lee, Auejin Ham, Minyeop Choi, Sunjun Kim, Byungjoo Lee

ACM CHI 2021 Full Paper (acceptance rate of 26.3%)

ACM CHI 2021 Best Paper Honorable Mention Award (top 5%) 🏅



WonderScope: Practical Near-surface AR Device for Museum Exhibits

HyeonBeom Yi, Yeeun Shin, Sehee Lee, Eunhye Youn, Auejin Ham, Geehyuk Lee, Woohun Lee

ACM SIGGRAPH 2022 Emerging Technologies (acceptance rate of 20%)

ACM SIGGRAPH 2022 Best In Show Honorable Mention Award 🏅

[PDF](<https://www.dropbox.com/s/022x530jh5jduq3/2022-Wonderscope.pdf?dl=0>) [DOI](<https://dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/3532721.3535564>) [WEB](<https://s2022.siggraph.org/program/emerging-technologies/>) [VIDEO](<https://youtu.be/X2MyAXRt7h4>)


Mine Yourself!: A Role-playing Privacy Tutorial in Virtual Reality Environment

Junsu Lim and Hyeonggeun Yun* and Auejin Ham*, Sunjun Kim (* authors are equally contributed.)*

ACM CHI 2022 Late-Breaking Work (acceptance rate of 36%)

PDF **DOI VIDEO [POSTER](<https://www.dropbox.com/s/rkh4qpyhbuk4hlp/2022-Mine-Yourself-Poster.pdf>)


Chatbot with Touch and Graphics: An Interaction of Users for Emotional Expression and Turn-taking

Hyeonggeun Yun, Auejin Ham, Jin Kim, Taeyeong Kim, Jeongeun Kim, Haechan Lee, Jongrae Park, Jinkyu Jang.

ACM CHI 2020 Workshop (CUI@CHI)

ACM CUI 2020 Posters & Demos

DGIST UGRP 2020 Excellence Prize (2nd place) 🏅



Honors & Awards

ACM SIGGRAPH Best In Show Honorable Mention Award (2022)

Outstanding TA Award (2022) — awarded for effort in CS492 Wearable Interface, KAIST

ACM SIGCHI Honorable Mention Award (2021)

Junction X Seoul Track Winner (2019)